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ABC Blackener®

I applied ABC blackener and the results were a cloudy finish, why?

The cloudiness can be caused because the part was not rinsed after being cleaned and blackened.

My ABC Blackener rubs off the part, why?

Good quality blackening requires a clean reactive surface that is free of oil oxide, rust and contaminants. If there is acid residue left on the part surface this would be responsible for poor adhesion of the black itself. Although it is fair to say that even under the best of conditions, the ABC Blackener finish is fragile and will not tolerate much rubbing. Best results would be obtained by bead blasting the surface to clean and prepare for blackening. Then apply the ABC Blackener straight, or perhaps mix with water 1:1 to slow the reaction down a bit. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and force dry with the air hose. Apply the ABC Sealant straight or again, dilute with water 1:1 to thin it out. Allow to dry for an hour or so before rubbing, then do so lightly.

Is ABC Sealant a permanent or temporary cosmetic finish? Can it be immersed in water?

ABC Sealant is a cosmetic type sealant. It is a water-based material, so it should not be considered a permanent sealant. For example, it is in the same sense as a regular lacquer topcoat. Water contact will not actually dissolve the coating, but it is not rated for immersion in water. If this occurs, it will probably rust in a relatively short time, like one or two days.

How hard is ABC Blackener?

Since it is a reaction with the surface, the finish is no harder than the base metal.

How thick is ABC Blackener?

There is essentially no dimensional change with ABC Blackener. The finish consists of a net build-up of about 30 millionths of an inch thick and is usually regarded as non-dimensional in most applications.

How much tool area can I expect to blacken with one quart of ABC Blackener?

One quart of ABC Blackener contains enough chemistry to blacken 30-40 square feet of surface area. However, coverage varies with application technique. The solution will not deteriorate when stored in a closed container, but will slowly become weaker as parts are blackened in it, and the reaction will slow down. Adding fresh concentrate will restore the strength of the working solution.

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