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General Questions

Can I purchase products directly from Precision Brand Products, Inc.?

Precision Brand Products, Inc. sells its catalog products only to qualified industrial distributors for resale. For the name of a distributor near you, click here. Bulk and special order items can be sold through qualified industrial distributors or direct from the factory.

How do I contact Precision Brand Products, Inc.?

The main factory has a staff of customer service individuals available to answer questions from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time via phone (630) 969-7200, FAX: (630) 969-0310.

Can I return a product I purchased?

If you are the industrial distributor who originally purchased the product from Precision Brand Products, Inc., you may contact the factory or warehouse location from which you originally purchased, for authorization of the return. All return items, must have a Return Goods Authorization Number. If you purchased a Precision Brand item from an industrial distributor, you need to contact your distributor to discuss the return.

If I don’t see a particular product, size or material in your product catalog, can you order it anyway?

Precision Brand Products, Inc. does have a special order option. So, if you don’t see a particular product, material or size you need, let us know and it is very possible we can quote you a price based on a “special” production run.

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