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Hot Melt Coating

Over-heated Type 1 Hot Melt Coating was applied to a metal part. Now it won’t peel off. How can it be removed?

Over-heating, or heating it too long, can turn Type 1 Hot Melt Coating into a tar-like substance. To remove it from a metal part, first physically scrape away as much as possible. Then soak the part in a solvent, such as acetone, until it is soft. This can take as long as an hour. Once soft, just wipe it off. In place of soaking, the part can also be heated, say with a heat gun, to soften the coating to a point where it can be wiped off.
If Hot Melt Coating has been over-heated in error, it is important to clean the pot before reuse so any residue from the over-heated product does not degrade the fresh product.

Can Hot Melt Coating be melted/heated in a pot all day?

Hot Melt Coating can be heated all day, but it is important to keep the pot at least 50% full at all times by replenishing the Hot Melt Coating whenever something is dipped. If your pot is too large to maintain it at 50% capacity, scrap steel can be added at the bottom to displace some of the volume and keep the pot 50% full. If it is not used constantly during the day, it is best to turn the temperature down to 200 degrees F between uses to prevent over-heating. It will heat back to proper temperature in about 20 minutes.

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