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Hose Clamps

316 Grade Stainless Hose Clamps M-HSPX Series

316 stainless hose clamp5/16″ 316 stainless steel band and housing. 1/4″ 316 stainless steel hex head screw. Non-magnetic, all “316” grade stainless steel construction. Used in highly corrosive and salt water environments.

SDS Sheet


Product Specs
Packaging Weight: 0.149
Pieces per Package: 10
Clamping Diameter: 5/16" - 7/8"
Minimum Clamping Diameter (inches): 5/16"
Maximum Clamping Diameter (inches): 7/8"
Minimum Clamping Diameter (mm): 7.9
Maximum Clamping Diameter (mm): 22.2
SAE Sizes: 6
Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Product Specs
Packaging Weight: 0.132
Pieces per Package: 10
Clamping Diameter: 7/32" - 5/8"
Minimum Clamping Diameter (inches): 7/32"
Maximum Clamping Diameter (inches): 5/8"
Minimum Clamping Diameter (mm): 5.6
Maximum Clamping Diameter (mm): 15.9
SAE Sizes: 4
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
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