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Welcome to Precision Brand Products, Inc.! Since our beginning in 1946, our goal has been to provide craftsmen with unique, innovative products needed to meet daily maintenance challenges. Originally created as a division of Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc. to be a supplier of shim steel to the Chicago area tool and die market, Precision Brand Products, Inc. has evolved into a global supplier of over 3800 items, in 19 product categories, serving a wide variety of industries. We were the first company to conveniently package rolls of shim stock in clearly marked and color coded boxes, bringing order and accuracy to a previously neglected area of plant maintenance. Over the years we have continued to bring order and innovation to many products necessary for the seamless operation of production facilities. Precision Brand Products, Inc’s current product line has kept pace with today’s hyper-competitive manufacturing environment. We offer 21st century craftsman the advantage of using products that perform at a higher level of quality, speed, accuracy, and convenience. We have transitioned shim stock from an ordinary piece of metal into a time and labor saving component of production by “Branding” each roll or sheet of shim with the thickness, material, size, and a lot number for full traceability. Information is now at your finger tips. Time needed to fabricate precision shims and washers is measured in seconds rather than minutes with the TruPunch® punch and die set. Problem hose applications are eliminated and hose life extended with the Unicoil™ hose bender. These are just a few examples of the many time saving, problem solving products you will find inside our website. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Unicoil™ hose bender makes quick work of just about any hose-routing problem and helps prevent fatigue from repeated bending.


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